Check Out Our Family Photographer

Usually I post about health related issues but I gotta mention our family photographer.  She does all outdoor photos anywhere on the island of Oahu.  Here’s her bio from her website:

Honolulu Portrait PhotographerI’m Liz, and it is lovely to meet you! I’m a 29 year old natural light photographer based in Kailua, Hawaii. While photography has been my chosen work since 2008, it hardly seems like it, since my biggest passion is to spend time with PEOPLE! What better job is there than to create a work of art out of the beautiful moment I see unfolding before me? I’m so blessed to be able to combine my love of people with my love of capturing moments. I’m a lifetime learner, and want to always be developing my understanding on both subjects. You can call me at (808) 201-0875

What do I love? Lots of people, lots of things.

My Hubby. My tall-blonde-and-handsome husband who I met during college in 2004. Yes, he swept me off my feet, and still does, and we’ve been married almost 8 years (holy smokes, how old am I?!).

My Littles. I’m in absolute, irreversible love with my two little boys, Truitt & Brave, and don’t mind being outnumbered a bit. We jump in every puddle we see, play endlessly with Hot Wheels & Legos, play lots of hide-and-seek, boogie board & surf in the ocean, and love to go on family hikes. I wouldn’t trade my 3 boys for the world.

I love the One who gave it all for me and made it possible for me to live abundantly, freely, and fully- my Jesus.

My youth group girls. They are supposed to be learning all kinds of deep stuff from me, but goodness, I think I learn more from them.

Raw cookie dough. I really love raw cookie dough. I love it too much actually.

I love traveling! Which will not happen for a while since I have two Littles under three… But someday!

My friends. A girl HAS GOT to have a solid group of girlfriends. It’s where encouragement, joy, laughter, honesty, and love all get to collide abundantly.

I love sweet tea, the smell of rain, mountains & ocean, big earrings, words, the smell of fall leaves and real Christmas trees (I think I’m living in the wrong state…), reading, jumping off of cliffs into the ocean, adventuring to unseen places in the islands, end-of-day sunlight, and many, many other things.

…I DON’T love cooking or gardening or knitting or reupholstering or coffee… I don’t even really love crafts. That’s all there is to say. What kind of mom doesn’t love crafts, right? The “artist” in me clearly puts all of its energy into photography and nothing else! Sorry kindergarten, this mama won’t be making a house out of popsicle sticks. *For the record, I do love PEOPLE who love crafts, and I’m in awe of your abilities! I think to myself, “GO YOU! That’s awesome!”

A bigger glimpse into my life can be found on my blog if you want to follow our family’s adventures.

Enough about what I love- I want to meet YOU and find out what YOU love. I believe every person has been created with a purpose, which means we are all quite different from each other, which makes this “life” thing so much fun! Beauty can and will be found in every person I photograph, and I would love nothing more than to get to know your heart, while giving you pictures that reflect the very beauty of your life.

Or here’s a video of some of her work!

Honolulu Family Portrait Photographer

Dance Movements Can Help Your Back Pain

One reason people are constantly in pain in the lower backs is because they sit in a chair all day long.  The human body wasn’t meant to spend a majority of its waking hours in that position.  So one way you can help your back pain is to move.  And what better way to move than to dance?   You can find many dance schools around…but to help you in your search here’s an article from a friend.

Finding the right dance school can be a challenge.  There are a lot of factors to consider.  Location could be a deal breaker.  The variety of classes offered will definitely play a role.  The teachers and their levels of expertise, the quality of performances, and the dancers’ taste will all weigh in importance.  So what, then, sets one school apart from the rest?  What differentiates Prisma from another dance school?

Location.  Prisma offers classes at the home studio in centrally located Kalihi.  In addition, Prisma classes are available for the Windward and Leeward communities in both Kailua and Kapolei.  Location is a great reason to say yes to Prisma.

Variety of classes.  Prisma offers classes at every level, from the teeny tiny three-year-olds to the more seasoned performers.  Ballet, jazz, acrobatics, and conditioning are all part of the repertoire offered at Prisma.  There are many ways to grow as a dancer at Prisma, and taking advantage of the great variety of dance disciplines enables anyone to become a stronger performer.

Prisma Dance offers a range of classes for every dancer.  Through practice and discipline, anyone can and will improve.  Prisma classes improve strength and ability.  The focus here, though, is not on striving to be the best dancer.  It is about being the best for God, offering Him your complete self, and striving to excel in Him.  Through this heart and motivation, techniques are learned, and dancers succeed.  The progression is consistent, just as it is in life.  But the focus remains constant – keeping your eyes fixed on the Giver, the Light, our Savior, Jesus Christ.

Other schools train the body and the mind.  Other schools teach that practice makes perfect.  These lessons are useful, and a great many of professional dancers learned to work hard to be the best.

Prisma is different.  The body and mind are trained, and dancers are taught to give it their best, but before all else – they learn that God is the reason.  God is the center and the purpose, and without Him nothing else is worth doing.

At Prisma you won’t see just the typical dancer, lean and long.  You will see dancers of every shape and size, glorifying God through the gifts He has given them.  Just as God created us all uniquely, Prisma celebrates each and every dancer, realizing that His expression is best realized through the different faces He has created.

Chiropractic Therapy Q & A

What is Chiropractic?

Chiropractic intends to diagnose, treat, and avoid mechanical disorders of a musculoskeletal nature, with a certain concentrate on the spine. Chiropractic treatment is predicated on the idea that such disorders are the underlying cause of lots of health concerns, due to their impact on the central nervous system. In some circles, Chiropractic is considered an alternative or complimentary form of medical treatment. Most people, nevertheless, agree that Chiropractic treatments are a safe and reliable methods of addressing a myriad of medical conditions and states.

What Can I Anticipate Throughout A Chiropractic Treatment?

After an initial evaluation and medical diagnosis by a Chiropractor, a Chiropractic treatment normally involves the manual control of the spine and surrounding soft tissues. Chiropractic treatment can be applied to other joints in the body, however it is typically focused on the neck and spine. Manual control of the spinal column is an efficient treatment for spine subluxation, which is considered by numerous to be a considerable aspect contributing to lots of modern-day health conditions.

Where Can I Find out More About Chiropractic?

You can find out more about Chiropractic from a fantastic lots of sources. In addition to asking family and friends about their Chiropractic experiences, the majority of Chiropractic practitioners provide a free initial examination to prospective clients. If you are considering Chiropractic therapy for a specific disorder, you must certainly consult your family physician first. Of course, you can discover a lot about Chiropractic by means of web search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. If you happen to stay in Waipahu Hawaii and you desire learn more about a specific Chiropractic specialist, simply see among the online search engine kept in mind above and carry out a search for Waipahu Chiropractic Clinic.

Is Chiropractic Safe?

Many reasonable individuals would concur that Chiropractic treatments are both safe and efficient. While there have been a handful of stories in the press suggesting otherwise, Chiropractic is as safe or more secure than the huge bulk of medical treatments. If you take a minute to consider the side-effects of the majority of modern medicines, or the circumstances of post-surgical problems and secondary infections dued to surgical treatments performed in numerous of the nation’s healthcare facilities, it’s simple to comprehend why people have actually become increasingly open minded about non-invasive, alternative treatments such as Chiropractic treatment.

Chiropractor in Waipahu


Perhaps you have been suffering from persistent and often numbing neck pain for a long time. You may have tried several medical options but to no avail. Despite your visits to the GP and taking your prescriptions without fail, the pain has not abated and you are probably wondering which alternative could finally rid you off the pain. Well, have you considered visiting a chiropractor? Chiropractic involves the adoption of a treatment regimen that is devoid of drugs and focusing on a holistic therapeutic plan encompassing lifestyle changes and dietary adjustments. Once a chiropractor conducts a historical exam, he or she can provide a diagnosis upon which treatment is based. Your search for a reputable chiropractor in Honolulu need not be daunting as there are many qualified professional in practice within the area.

The body has its own mechanism for reacting to specific stressors. For instance, straining your back in the workplace could result in back pain- the body’s way of notifying you to ease off a little. Various physical changes within the body may translate to pain, which may limit the use or mobility of a certain part. A chiropractor uses expertise to rehabilitate tissues and in the process, facilitating natural healing.

Mastery in this field requires rigorous training. Therefore, Chiropractors provide the perfect blend of knowledge and years of experience developed in the Chiropractic field to provide natural remedies. Further, the components of a chiropractic treatment plan tend to vary depending on the pain presented by a patient and your chiropractor can make an appropriate determination after a physical examination. The components may include the adoption of simple massage techniques or the use of laser technology.

Some people may be skeptical about chiropractic. As such, chiropractors play a critical role in assuaging their patients concerns by being thorough in assessing their patients. Further, practitioners provide patients with an understating of their body and potential causes of stiffness, swelling, and pain. When patients have adequate information regarding the intricate workings of a chiropractic plan, they can develop greater confidence in the regimen. Additionally, by making the requisite lifestyle adjustment, they can overcome chronic muscular pain.

Once patients have undergone a chiropractic treatment plan and gained firsthand experience regarding its efficacy, they can readily recommend the solution to others. Once your body is re-energized and full free from pain, you will soon realize the wealth of expertise provided by chiropractors. Chiropractic programs do not offer quick fixes. Instead, they focus on restorative care by providing wholesome health through the elimination of disorders that affect the spine.

Overall, in case you need to visit a chiropractor in Honolulu, you can rest assured to meet a passionate group of chiropractors and assistants to address your bodily concerns. Chiropractic treatments focus on therapy, which is only conducted after thorough assessment of the patient. Well, the nagging, seemingly drug-resistant pain you have been experiencing could just be a step away from resolution upon scheduling an appointment with a chiropractor. Take that step, and it could provide the much-needed relief you need.


3 Phases of Chiropractic Wellness

When I’m talking about wellness, I’m referring to holistic wellness.

I was looking at some info from Dr Damian Smith, a Pain Relief Chiropractor in Hawaii.

Let’s say you have some back pain because you’ve been sitting in a chair at a desk all day every day for work.

People weren’t designed to sit in that position all day so you are bound to have some lower back pain  and some pain around your shoulder blades from using a computer mouse.

Or maybe you were in an auto accident where you got whiplash or something like that.

There are 3 phases to getting well.

Phase 1 is all about pain relief.

A chiropractor can discover the exact source of the pain and implement a plan to not just get rid of the pain but eliminate the root of the problem.

A lot of times doctors will merely prescribe medicine which doesn’t fix the problem it just masks the pain momentarily.

A chiropractic wellness doctor looks at the whole body and can usually the source of the pain in 5-10 visits.

Phase 2 is all about correcting the misalignments of the spine

An arc is one of the most powerful forms to hold weight up.  If that arc gets a dent or misaligned in anyway it can no longer hold the weight up it will collapse.

Your spine is the same way.  It has 3 arcs and if either one of the arcs gets misaligned your body will feel the difference.  You’ll begin having pain and getting injuries because everything is off.

A chiropractor can see this almost immediately and create an adjustment plan to correct the problem.

The other silent pain and disease creators are subluxations.

The misalignments of the spine pinch off the nerves that bring healing to the body.

The body was made to heal itself but if the healing can’t get their because of the road blocks the body suffers.

Adjustments get rid of subluxations and then the healing can get to your body.

The 3rd Phase is the Holistic Wellness phase

In this phase the subluxations have been dealt with so now you look at other ways to keep the healing you have received.

This might be changing your diet and eliminating harmful inflammation creating foods or changing the way you sleep so you keep the proper arcs in your neck and back. Whatever it is. Visit your local Chiropractor to see how they might help you.

Active Release Technique

Active Release Technique Sports Massage Therapy in Honolulu, Hi

When you’re thinking about your overall health and wellness you might want to consider this alternative to pain relief.

The guy in this video experienced years and years of shoulder pain and found relief after just one ART Massage Session.

I guess ART focuses on the knots binding to the nerves.  Pain comes from nerves sending messages to the brain that you are in pain.  Pain doesn’t come from muscles.  So they find the anatomy that is messing with the nerve and use motion (hence the name Active) to try to unbind it.

Of course this is my elementary understanding of it….there is probably a lot more to Active Release Technique.

But if you’re experiencing pain that medicine or other forms of therapy aren’t helping.

Go try this one out and let me know how it works for you!