3 Phases of Chiropractic Wellness

When I’m talking about wellness, I’m referring to holistic wellness.

I was looking at some info from Dr Damian Smith, a Pain Relief Chiropractor in Hawaii.

Let’s say you have some back pain because you’ve been sitting in a chair at a desk all day every day for work.

People weren’t designed to sit in that position all day so you are bound to have some lower back pain  and some pain around your shoulder blades from using a computer mouse.

Or maybe you were in an auto accident where you got whiplash or something like that.

There are 3 phases to getting well.

Phase 1 is all about pain relief.

A chiropractor can discover the exact source of the pain and implement a plan to not just get rid of the pain but eliminate the root of the problem.

A lot of times doctors will merely prescribe medicine which doesn’t fix the problem it just masks the pain momentarily.

A chiropractic wellness doctor looks at the whole body and can usually the source of the pain in 5-10 visits.

Phase 2 is all about correcting the misalignments of the spine

An arc is one of the most powerful forms to hold weight up.  If that arc gets a dent or misaligned in anyway it can no longer hold the weight up it will collapse.

Your spine is the same way.  It has 3 arcs and if either one of the arcs gets misaligned your body will feel the difference.  You’ll begin having pain and getting injuries because everything is off.

A chiropractor can see this almost immediately and create an adjustment plan to correct the problem.

The other silent pain and disease creators are subluxations.

The misalignments of the spine pinch off the nerves that bring healing to the body.

The body was made to heal itself but if the healing can’t get their because of the road blocks the body suffers.

Adjustments get rid of subluxations and then the healing can get to your body.

The 3rd Phase is the Holistic Wellness phase

In this phase the subluxations have been dealt with so now you look at other ways to keep the healing you have received.

This might be changing your diet and eliminating harmful inflammation creating foods or changing the way you sleep so you keep the proper arcs in your neck and back. Whatever it is. Visit your local Chiropractor to see how they might help you.

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