Dance Movements Can Help Your Back Pain

One reason people are constantly in pain in the lower backs is because they sit in a chair all day long.  The human body wasn’t meant to spend a majority of its waking hours in that position.  So one way you can help your back pain is to move.  And what better way to move than to dance?   You can find many dance schools around…but to help you in your search here’s an article from a friend.

Finding the right dance school can be a challenge.  There are a lot of factors to consider.  Location could be a deal breaker.  The variety of classes offered will definitely play a role.  The teachers and their levels of expertise, the quality of performances, and the dancers’ taste will all weigh in importance.  So what, then, sets one school apart from the rest?  What differentiates Prisma from another dance school?

Location.  Prisma offers classes at the home studio in centrally located Kalihi.  In addition, Prisma classes are available for the Windward and Leeward communities in both Kailua and Kapolei.  Location is a great reason to say yes to Prisma.

Variety of classes.  Prisma offers classes at every level, from the teeny tiny three-year-olds to the more seasoned performers.  Ballet, jazz, acrobatics, and conditioning are all part of the repertoire offered at Prisma.  There are many ways to grow as a dancer at Prisma, and taking advantage of the great variety of dance disciplines enables anyone to become a stronger performer.

Prisma Dance offers a range of classes for every dancer.  Through practice and discipline, anyone can and will improve.  Prisma classes improve strength and ability.  The focus here, though, is not on striving to be the best dancer.  It is about being the best for God, offering Him your complete self, and striving to excel in Him.  Through this heart and motivation, techniques are learned, and dancers succeed.  The progression is consistent, just as it is in life.  But the focus remains constant – keeping your eyes fixed on the Giver, the Light, our Savior, Jesus Christ.

Other schools train the body and the mind.  Other schools teach that practice makes perfect.  These lessons are useful, and a great many of professional dancers learned to work hard to be the best.

Prisma is different.  The body and mind are trained, and dancers are taught to give it their best, but before all else – they learn that God is the reason.  God is the center and the purpose, and without Him nothing else is worth doing.

At Prisma you won’t see just the typical dancer, lean and long.  You will see dancers of every shape and size, glorifying God through the gifts He has given them.  Just as God created us all uniquely, Prisma celebrates each and every dancer, realizing that His expression is best realized through the different faces He has created.

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